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The New Horizons Omaha franchise is an authorized training partner for many industry recognized software and certification companies and organizations. These partnerships allow New Horizons to deliver the most up-to-date curriculum with specific standards set in alignment with these top vendors.

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Apple Courses

Apple Training

 Training for OS X

Apple Training from New Horizons Omaha

Apple in the Workplace

The use of Apple hardware, software, and services is a growing choice for individuals and organizations. The mobile revolution, and the introduction of Apple's popular mobile products, enables companies to increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs.

As the business use of tablets and other mobile devices increases, being trained in the effective use and support of Apple iPads and iPhones becomes more important than ever.

Additionally, Apple's iPad allows for the creation of customized apps that can be developed for businesses. It is becoming increasingly important for IT teams to be able to support iPads in the office, and for developers to be well trained in the development of iOS apps.

Understanding Apple's Operating Systems

OS X Yosemite allows users to more easily manage and synchronize content between multiple Apple devices. This technology has gained a strong presence in the business arena, especially within environments that specialize in creative content generation.

Knowledge of these systems is important for the integration, management, and support of OS X technologies.

New Horizons Omaha provides Apple training in the Omaha region, with courses in OS X support and iOS development training for developers working with iPad and iPhone applications.

Whether you are looking to understand how to use your new Apple product, or more interested in becoming an IT expert in Apple technology, New Horizons Omaha has the training you are looking for.

OS X Support

Apple OS X training from New Horizons Omaha takes you deep into Apple's latest operating systems so that you have the skills to confidently support OS X Yosemite installations.

Our courses cover:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Customizing the operating system
  • Supporting applications
  • Setting up peripherals
  • ...and more
 iOS Development

iOS Development

The Apple iOS training provided by New Horizons Omaha will teach you how to create iOS apps for iPad and iPhone in an interactive, troubleshooting environment.

By the end of the training you will understand:

  • The iOS SDK
  • Various iOS Development tools
  • Developing projects in Objective-C
  • Debugger integrated in Xcode
  • Submitting API to the Apple Store

iPad Support

iPad Support training at New Horizons Omaha will show you how to make the most out of your iPad and the best ways to integrate your iPad into workflow to help with productivity. We also offer training aimed at help desk professionals who support iPad devices and end users.

iPad Introduction and Business Use Seminars

New Horizons Omaha offers two hour seminars to teach users how to fully understand and make the best use of their iPads. These seminars are available as private classes so you can customize them to work best for your team. Check with your New Horizons Omaha account executive for more details.